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Home Design Trends to Expect in 2022

Ive decided to highlight some points from Mansion Globals most recent lifestyle article that identifies Functionality, bold colors and fabulous kitchens will carry us through next year.

Just as our lifestyles have required adjustments during Covid, so have the interior spaces we inhabit. The past year-plus has been one of realignment and living a new normal in pandemic times, but 2022 will hopefully spur a return to familiarity alongside a flurry of fresh ideas.

“After over a year of disruption, many aspects of our daily life have returned,” said Tania Richardson, co-founder and CEO of Tomas Pearce, a design firm in Toronto. “But our ‘normal’ is unlikely to ever look the same, and this is especially true for how we perceive and design our spaces.”

While 2021 has focused on multifunctional rooms, comfort and blurred lines between the indoors and outdoors, the coming year will likely welcome new concepts, but will still embrace some of last year's. As we prepare for 2022, these emerging and evolving design trends will shape how we live, work and play:

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